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A brief overview of the OneGeology Portal and its potential uses

  • The portal can be accessed using most common internet browsers.
  • Basic map data visible in the OneGeology Portal is called a WMS (Web Map Service)
  • Detailed map data and information in the OneGeology Portal is called a WFS (Web Feature Service) which are types of ‘GeoSciML’, a computer interoperable data exchange language.
  • This language is designed in a format that can be used in a wide variety of desktop programs such as ArcMap, Gaia from Carbontools, and NASA World Wind.
  • OneGeology aims to use Free and Open Source software wherever possible.
  • All OneGeology data can be viewed via the Portal:
  • The data is “served” directly from the provider organisation.
  • The provider organisation retains full ownership and responsibility and is able to change or modify data whenever necessary.
  • Where the provider is unable to serve the data (e.g. due to lack of computer technology), the OneGeology buddy system is in place to provide the technology necessary to serve the data to the web.

The Portal has the following functions

  • Zoom, pan,
  • Get Information tool [i]
  • Help menu
  • multi-layer map view,
  • opacity selection,
  • legend viewer, 
  • details of provider organisation / geological survey
  • web link URL to the provider survey
  • brief description of the data layer
  • conditions of use information for each layer
  • currently available in 2 languages – Français and English

See the “quick-guide to using the Portal: getting started” for more information.

Other uses of the data in the OneGeology Portal