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Our Organisation

OneGeology is not a legal entity; it is a non-corporate body (a Consortium) supported through the trust of its Members and, in particular, the Lead Parties

OneGeology is governed by the Operations Group, which is made up of Heads of Informatics from Principal, Associate and Corporate Members of OneGeology, it is responsible for the operational issues, and is the decision making body for the implementation of OneGeology Strategy. The Operations Group takes direction from the Strategic Steering Committee, which is made up of Heads of Geological Surveys or their International Divisions who are subscribing Principal, Associate or Corporate Members, they meet biennially and are responsible for providing OneGeology Strategy, which will define priority programme areas. Both are supported by the permanent administration provided by the Lead Parties.

The Finance, Administration, Web Services Support, and the Portal Operations teams, were established to ensure support is given to the coordination of the project and to assure the continuity of the initiative. The former are based in the British Geological Survey (BGS) and the latter in the Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM).

The Consortium, its Operations Group, and management staff have the responsibility to further the Objectives of OneGeology. The Steering Committee, Operations Group and Consortium has the power to do anything within the law that may promote or may help to promote any or all of the Objectives, but nothing outside the Objectives.

The Steering Committee and the Operations Group are responsible to, and potentially made up of all the subscribing Consortium Members. The Operations Group is linked to the various Working Groups that work hard on achieving the goals of OneGeology, and to External funding sources that provide additional funding for assuring the sustainability of OneGeology.

Income from subscribing Members membership fees and other sources, is used to provide administrative services and technical coordination functions (data web services and portal) supported at a core level by the two Lead Parties.

Financial and accounting arrangements of the Consortium are transparent to all Members and audited annually by qualified individuals selected by the Operations Group.

Governance Model

OneGeology Maturing Draft Governance Model