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C.1 Installation

The tool requires msxml3.dll to be pre-installed (usually located on Microsoft Windows systems in the system32 folder). First unzip the file somewhere on your system, (e.g. C:\arcgis\customtools\MXD2WMS) Make sure the resources folder and its content are in the same directory as the MXD2WMS.dll file. You may want to check if the file regtool5.dll is already somewhere on your system. Register both of the dll files, MXD2WMS.dll and regtool5.dll, using the regsvr32.exe command line DOS utility. (e.g. ‘regsvr32 regtool5.dll’). Go to the Customize window in ArcMap (right-click on the tool bar in ArcMap, or Tools-Customize in the menu). Select ‘Add from file...’ and point to the MXDtoWMS.dll file. This should add a tool ‘MXD to Web Map Service configuration file’ in the Commands-Tools category (second tab in the customize window).

Adding the MXD2WMS tool to ArcMap

Use the left mouse button to drag the tool to a tool bar of your choice.

Section last modified: 19 January 2010