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7.4.3 Excel workbook template

The accompanying Microsoft Excel workbook ( provides spreadsheets with the content models for the description properties associated with geologic contacts, faults or shear zones, and geologic units in the GeoSciML-Portrayal schema. These spreadsheets do not include geometry fields that are necessary for an actual GIS feature class for the corresponding ContactView, ShearDisplacementStructureView, and GeologicUnitView features. Rather, they provide a template for compiling the necessary descriptions (combinations of attributes) that can then be joined with a GIS feature class to produce the dataset for feature web service deployment.

The specification_uri in each feature class provides a link to structured representation of the geologic feature that is intended to be a GeoSciML feature. The metadata_uri provides a link to a structured metadata record recording complete provenance information for features. See the notes tab in the workbook for additional information describing the GeoSciML-Portrayal feature classes and the worksheets included in this document.

Section last modified: 03 October 2014