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7.2 Integration of web map services

The key to interoperable map services is the ability to portray adjacent maps using the same symbolization scheme such that when the maps are displayed, the visual discontinuity at the boundary is minimized. Because of the discrepancies in mapping interpretation and intention, there are commonly differences in the definition of map units between geologic maps produced by different authors or at different times. Resolving such differences is a compilation process that often requires additional field work; this is outside the scope of service deployment. What can be avoided is visual discontinuity due to portrayal schemes that assign different colors to similar units on adjacent maps. GeoSciML-Portrayal addresses this issue by requesting that geologic unit mapped features be categorized using the CGI Simple Lithology vocabulary (representativeLithology_uri) and the ICS stratigraphic time scale (representativeAge_uri) using registered identifiers. The use of community portrayal schemes associated with these categorization schemes provides a basis for first order lithologic and age harmonization between maps provided by different services. The genericSymbolizer property is intended to enable preservation of the original legend units and portrayal from the source map.

Section last modified: 07 February 2013