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4.2.3 Updating an existing OneGeology MS4W installation

From time to time it will be necessary to update your MapServer or MS4W installation, for example when bug fixes are released, or when the software is upgraded to allow a new version of the WMS specification to be served. To update to a new version of MS4W, you should first stop and uninstall the existing Apache service by running the "apache-uninstall.bat" file found in the ms4w folder (i.e. by clicking on it). You can then just unzip the new MS4W zip file into the same location, and allow it to overwrite all existing files. Any file or folder within the existing ms4w folder that you have created will not be deleted. You then need to run the apache-install.bat script inside the ms4w folder to install your new version of Apache. The new version of the MapServer binaries will be installed into the cgi-bin folder; if you are following the methodology set out by the exemplar WMS, you will need to copy the new binaries to each of the Application sub folders within cgi-bin, and rename the mapserv.exe to wms.

If your Apache installation is up-to-date and you only wish to update MapServer you need only get a copy of the MapServer binaries for example, from the latest MS4W zip, or sometimes as a separate MapServer zip downloadable from, and copy them over the existing MapServer files in the cgi-bin folder (and sub-folders as appropriate). See section 4.3.1 for further details.

You will need to rename the copy of "mapserv.exe" inside your cgi-bin folder to "wms". Make sure there is no .exe extension, especially if you do not have file extensions visible in your Explorer windows. You may get a warning about changing the file suffix; this is OK.

Section last modified: 11 June 2013

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