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2.5.5 Theme

2 star accreditation requirement

For a 2 star accredited service, ALL OneGeology layers should conform to these naming protocols.

The theme is the geological description of the data contained in the layer. As with the service title theme, the layer title theme should be a descriptive phrase in the service language. For English services the layers will most commonly have titles such as "Bedrock Age", "Bedrock Lithology" etc.

As mentioned above the layer names are for the consumption of the WMS software. It is important that within the OneGeology Portal the layer names are unique. The data owner is responsible to guarantee that there is no layer name duplication in all the layers they provide.

When we first started defining the rules for the OneGeology Portal we discovered that MapServer had a 20 character maximum limit on LAYER names (though this limit no longer applies), to get over this issue we defined a set of two and three letter codes to describe the most common layer themes to be used in the layer names, these are described below:

BA — Bedrock Age

BLT — Bedrock Lithology

BLS — Bedrock Lithostratigraphy

SLT — Superficial Lithology

SLS — Superficial Lithostratigraphy

MSF — Major Structural Features

This list is not exclusive, so please create your own if need be.

Note, if you decide to use ESRI ArcGIS server (versions 9.3.1 and below) you will not be able to conform to this layer naming convention, because the software auto-names the map layers 0, 1, 2... This problem will be dealt with in the OneGeology Registry through the use of auto-generated unique id’s for each registered service layer, this is necessary as in a Catalogue like that for OneGeology one cannot have two layers having the same name i.e. both being named layer name 0.

This issue has been resolved in ESRI ArcGIS server 10

Section last modified: 11 June 2013

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