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2.3 WMS service URL

2 star accreditation requirement

For a 2 star accredited service, the service should conform to these URL naming protocols.

As mentioned above the WMS service URL is based on the WMS service title; in fact we really mean that the service URL should include the exact wording of the service title, but with the substitution of all spaces in the service title with underscore characters (_).

The structure of any WMS URL can generally be considered as having two parts. One part (usually the left hand side) is likely to depend on the technical architecture, the rules of the service providers, and the capabilities of the WMS software itself; the second part deals with the identification of the service itself.

The OneGeology Registry of services cannot be too strict about the first part of the URL, as the naming could be partially out of the control of OneGeology service providers. It is the second part that needs to mirror the WMS service title.

So if our service title is "BGS Bedrock and Superficial Geology" our service URL must include the string "BGS_Bedrock_and_Superficial_Geology".

We have now tested various software to check conformance against the Service URL rules and have found it to be achievable using GeoServer (2.1.1) on Apache, MapServer on Apache, MapServer on IIS, ArcIMS (9.3.1 tested) and ArcGIS server (9.3.1. and above tested) as below.

MapServer (on IIS) the exemplar service can be represented as:

MapServer (on Apache) as:

ArcIMS as:

ArcGIS server as:

GeoServer (on Apache) as:

Below we show a few more described examples of service URLs (and titles)

  1. In this example the Service provider is BGS, the data owner is BGS, the theme of the service is Bedrock and Superficial Geology, the service is in the default language of the data owner (English). The structure is therefore:


  2. In this example the Service Provider is BGS, the Data Owner is AGS, the service is in English which is not the default language of data owner, but there is no intention to publish any other language service and the theme of the service is Bedrock and Structural Geology. The structure is therefore:


  3. In these examples the data owner and service provider is ISPRA, and theme of the service is ‘Geology’. An Italian and an English service are provided. The native language is Italian so the language code for this service could be omitted, but as the service URL is written in English and not Italian adding the language code adds clarity. The structure for both service URLS is therefore:

    .../ServiceProvider_LanguageCode_ServiceTheme/... and

  4. In this example the Service Provider is IGME, the Data Owner is SGN, the service is in English which is not the default language of the data owner, though there is a possibility that a native language service will be published in the future, and the theme of the service is simply ‘Geology’. The structure is therefore:


Section last modified: 13 September 2011

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