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4.3.3 Debugging common errors

This section is added to help you debug common errors in your map file. Symbol definition error

getString(): Symbol definition error. Parsing error near (matching text):(line line-number)

This error may occur when your layer classes have a name which includes an apostrophe or other quotation mark that matches the quotation marks used to delimit the CLASS name. For example if your class name is delimited using single quotes such as below and your class name includes a word with a single quote (d’Irma), you will get this error.

NAME ‘Formation d’Irma : calcaire, dolomie à tromatolites, argilite’

You can correct the error by swapping the file name delimiters to double quotes (as below), in the CLASS name causing the problem; you don’t need to change all the delimiters in all the CLASS names in the map file, just the one(s) with the problem.

NAME “Formation d’Irma : calcaire, dolomie à stromatolites, argilite”

Section last modified: 19 January 2010

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