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The aim:

The Portal is visible using Internet pages. No other specific software is required. Users are able to open the web portal and request an area of interest, in much the same way as Google Earth. If available, geological map data will be viewable. Further links to the owner of the data (usually the geological survey of that country) will be available if more information is required.

The method:

(ignore this test insert)Geological map data will be made available via the Internet. The priority of OneGeology is to make available Internet-accessible, scientifically-attributed data. Geological surveys and organisations are working together to develop and implement the technical processes to make their data interoperable. This can be achieved by using GML (Geography Mark-up Language)-based data.

GML-based data (including GeoSciML) can be used in many different ways. For example, basic data can be rendered into a map that can be queried for more specific information, the data can be formatted into a report, or it can be used in other applications for further development.