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Data coordination

Participants providing data


I confirm that I am the nominated representative of the organisation responsible for maps of my country (usually a geological survey).

Referring to Cookbook 1: How to serve a OneGeology Level 1 conformant WMS using MapServer, please choose from the following:

I plan to serve OneGeology data from a web server that I host.

I will be serving WMS data. (OneGeology Level 1 Web Mapping Service)

I will submit a buddy coordination form to request assistance.

Once your WMS is available on the OneGeology portal:

Referring to Cookbook 2: How To Map Data to GeoSciML Version 2 and Cookbook 3: How To Serve a GeoSciML Version 2 Web Feature Service (WFS) using Open Source Software

I will be serving WFS data. (OneGeology Level 2 Web Feature Service)

The data I have available is:
Digital Paper hard copy Raster Vector

Superficial | Bedrock | Chronostratigraphic | Lithostratigraphic | Lithology

Scale of the maps:

Any other comments:
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