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New Zealand and Japanese earthquake and tsunami

Expressions of support and sympathy from the OneGeology global community

Kathryn Bull, British Geological Survey , United Kingdom, 16 MAR 02:45

Dear Koji and colleagues Thinking of you at this terrible time for your country. Please let me know if I can do anything.

MBAITOUDJI MBaiki Mathieu, Chad, 16 MAR 04:37

Chers Collegues du Japon et de Nouvelle Zelande Les mots sont bien pauvres en de telles circonstances.Pourtant , je veux vous dire que vous etes aujourd'hui dans nos pensees et dans nos coeurs, et que nous sommes entierement a votre service si vous aviez besoin d' une aide quelconque. Plus que jamais croyez a notre amitie profonde.

SJS Khalsa, United States, 16 MAR 04:44

The magnitude of these disasters is difficult to comprehend. May you find strength and hope as you cope with your losses and rebuild for your future.

Tim Duffy, British Geological Survey , United Kingdom, 16 MAR 04:50

I am thinking of my friends at the GSJ and hoping that they and their families are ok. If there is anything I can do let me know. My friend's brother in Christchurch - whom I visited once - was ok but it took a long worrying time to get him on the phone - hopefully web communications still work as fast as ever and help us to live and work together in a small and sometimes unstable world. Tim, Edinburgh.

Ana María Castillo Clerici, Paraguay, 16 MAR 04:53

Esperamos que Japón y Nueva Zelandia vuelvan a recuperarse como siempre lo han hecho, mucha fuerza y voluntad para los colegas. Estamos atentos desde aquí y les apoyamos todos

Rob Koopman, Switzerland, 16 MAR 05:13

Dear colleagues in Japan and New Zealand, My condoleances for the tragic losses. You have my admiration for the advanced recovery methodologies, but also the courage displayed in action. I wish you lots of strength during the recovery. During a skype call with a colleague taking cover in a basement in Japan I could hear the alarm sound for the next earthquake... The havoc wreaked by these events in well-prepared countries is a bad omen for the unprepared megacities in risk zones...

Geological Survey of the Netherlands, Netherlands, 16 MAR 05:32

Dear colleagues from Japan and New Zealand. We wish you all the best in coping with the disasters in your countries. After recuperation there will be analysis, and your geological surveys will undoubtedly be among the prime organisations involved. Should you require support or assistance in that stage, please let us know.

Vince Matthews, Director, Colorado Geological Survey, United States, 16 MAR 06:08

To our colleagues stricken by nature's power-- It is a reminder for all of us that life is fragile, and we must live every minute of it that we have. Your courage in the face of extreme adversity is an inspiration for us all. We hope for you a speedy recovery from these tragic events, although we realize that there will be years of hard work required to fully recover. How can we help you?

Solomon Islands, 16 MAR 10:28

Luma Darcy, Former Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification, Solomon Islands, Dear Colleagues My people in the Solomon Islands especially in the Western Province are thinking about you. We had experience Tsunami at Gizo town and you did come to give us comfort. Be strong and tell the young generation on lesson learn. Remember that there is the God who is in control of the Natural happens who love you too.

D. Bold, Mongolia, 17 MAR 08:34

Mongolian geologists and my colleagues wishing for you my friends bests in the World, specially for Japanese and New Zeland people. Mongolians with you my friends. Mineral resources Authority of Mongolia.

Kwame Odame Boamah, Geological Survey Department Ghana, Ghana, 17 MAR 12:16

The hearts of your Ghanaian colleagues are with you in these difficult times. We pray that you will have the courage to persevere through these adverse circumstances. I wish you all the best. Thank you

Ren Capes, United Kingdom, 17 MAR 12:27

On several trips to Japan I have enjoyed the immense grace and humility of the Japanese people. It is impossible to comprehend just how aweful this time must be for you all. Words simply fail to express anything worthwhile. My heart goes out to you all. There must be a better time.

Abigail Burt, Ontario Geological Survey, Canada, 17 MAR 01:18

I have been lucky enough to enjoy the friendship of people as well as the awesome natural beauty of New Zealand and Japan. It is heartbreaking to think of the personal losses and destruction that you are suffering. Your colleagues in Ontario wish you the very best in these difficult times.

José Cabello, Chile, 17 MAR 02:28

Dear colleagues, I hope in this difficult moment you will find extra strength to overcome this natural tragedy . Should you require our so distant help , just let us know. With warm regards ,

Giovanni Rosania, Ecuador, 17 MAR 02:36

To all my colleagues of Japan & New Zealand in this tragic moments where forces of nature are stronger than human capacity, let us all earth scientists be together in putting all our knowledge in order to help our circumpacific region.

Maria-Glicia da Nobrega Coutinho , Brazil, 17 MAR 03:09

Here in Brazil we are deeply sorry about the devastation and tragic loss of peoples¿home and lives in Japan NE and the recent destruction in Chrischurch, New Zealand. You have been in our thoughts since the earthquake and the tsunami struck reach the Pacific. Receive our deepest condolence and sympathies. We rely on the outstanding wisdom of the Japanese and Newzealand peoples to get over the current situation. God gives you strength to support these dreadful disasters.

Maria Fernanda Campa-Uranga, Mexico, 17 MAR 03:37

Dear colleagues of New Zealand and Japan, we the geologist community everywere understand the social tragedy of the people because the natural desasters caused by active belts of the earth crust, but also by the growing of the urban communities and the construction of nuclear plants in those areas highly risked.

India, 18 MAR 12:51

we all are human beings and after this disaster we should pray to God for giving them the strength for resilience.

Peter Hayoz, Swiss Geological Survey, Switzerland, Switzerland, 18 MAR 07:38

We feel immense sorrow seeing our deeply liked and appreciated Japanese colleagues and friends going through such a painful and heartbreaking time. Our thoughts are with you and your families!

Marco Pantaloni, Agency for Environmental Protection and Technical Services - Geological Survey of Italy, Italy, 18 MAR 09:15

Dear colleagues, living in a country that, like yours, often suffer from the devastating effects of large and small earthquakes, I understand the pain you are experiencing in this difficult time. I admire your composure and respect your sorrow. I wish you to overcome all the difficulties with the strength that you have always shown in your long history. With my warm regards.

Peter Seifert, Austria, 18 MAR 01:17

The geological community in our country is really shocked about the magnitude of the recent desastreous events in New Zealand and Japan. On behalf of the staff of the Geological Survey of Austria I want to express our sorrow and sympathy to the people in your countries. We trust in your spiritual strength to recover and get back to normal life, facilitated by your own national and international support. All the best wishes.


Mazou Yessouph Faudy, 18 Mar The department of geology of the Ministry of mine and energy in Rep. of NIGER express its sorrow and sympathy to the people of Japan and New Zeland after the desastreous event and we beg God to stop this catastroph

Devesh Walia, Department of Geology, India, 19 MAR 03:25

We are one. Crisis of such level proves it too. Support of any kind any time I pledge to offer. The coordinated concerted, committed efforts can take over any of the natures fury. Pl inform us about the place and time where we can contribute.

Martin Hughes, Australia, 19 MAR 05:22

Dear friends and colleaugues, we wish you condolences in the face of the huge natural disasters that you are facing, and support to overcome them, as you ultimately will.

Alfredo E. de la Calleja Moctezuma, Servicio Geologico Mexicano, Mexico, 19 MAR 06:45

Mi familia y su servidor, esperamos que nuestros colegas japoneses y nuevazelandeses, así como sus familias encuentren en el apoyo de sus paisanos y conacionales la ayuda humanitaria, así como la fortaleza de espiritu para vencer el miedo, la tristeza y la desolación que cada desastre trae detras de cada evento natural. Reciban nuestro apoyo moral y nos sumamos a todos los que oran por Ustedes.

Yvonne Ormesher, Geoscience Australia, Australia, 19 MAR 10:25

The members of the University of Ballarat Geological Society wish to express their support for all who have suffered loss as a consequence of the recent earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan. As you pick up the pieces, know that you are not alone.

Lee Allison, Arizona Geological Survey, United States, 20 MAR 10:32

We are staggered by the severity and scope of these disasters. While it is of scant comfort to you while you are still responding to the emergencies, what we have already learned will help save lives and mitigate damage from future such events. Please know that everyone is inspired by your courage and strength. We are all looking for ways to assist you.

Zomenia Zomenia, Cyprus Geological Survey, Cyprus, 21 MAR 07:20

Zomenia Zomenia, Cyprus Geological Survey, The entire survey wishes to extent its support and express its sorrow for the loss of human lives caused by these unprecedented natural disasters that have hit New Zealand and Japan.

Sara Jakica, Australia, 21 MAR 10:19

Dear colleagues in Japan and New Zealand, my condolences for your loss. I hope that you will regain the strength and keep the good spirit.

Michael B. E. Bograd, United States, 21 MAR 07:42

Dear colleagues in New Zealand and Japan, My colleagues and I at the Mississippi Office of Geology are sorrowed by your great tragedies. Your nations need the resources of your geological surveys now more than ever. As we learned after Hurricane Katrina and its storm surge devastated the Mississippi coast, you will get by with the help of your friends.

Prof. Dr. Khalid a. Al-Thour, Yemen, 22 MAR 05:11

Dear colleagues and friends I express my support and condolence to the geological surveys of New Zealand and Japan for the big loss of natural disasters your countries faced. Please let me know if i can be with any kind of help. Regards

Andy Fyon, Director, Ontario Geological Survey, Canada, 22 MAR 10:49

To our colleagues in Japan, New Zealand, (and China, Chile, Haiti, Turkey, Indonesia), our thoughts are with you. The continued focus on understanding geoscience contributes to safer habitat for humanity - yet, we have some mysteries to solve. Through individual and collective strength, mutual support, and learning gained from the natural disasters, we continue to grow as a civilization. Our deepest thoughts and condolences over the losses that all have experienced.

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