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Matt Harrison — Director of OneGeology administration, finance and operations

Matt Harrison

BGS has been a Champion of OneGeology since the concept emerged in 2006 and was instrumental in organising the kick off meeting, Brighton 2007. Matt is a key member of the OneGeology board representing the global coordination office.

Within OneGeology BGS have led in the implementation of GeoSciML and other OGC standards, working with BRGM on the technical implementation within the portal and in documenting their implementation for members. BGS also expose WMS and WFS standardised services for the UK and buddy several member countries around the globe.

Matt leads the BGS team organising UK and global geoscience information, making it accessible and usable to scientists, professionals and the public. We develop much of the software and standards to visualise, query and download data, to access our world-leading core store and scanning facilities and we work with organisations and governments across the planet to share best practice and to train the next generation of geoinformatics specialists.

Matt worked in business for 5 years on completing his BSc in Geology at Edinburgh University, moving on to undertake an MSc in Geographical Information Science, also at Edinburgh in 1999.

During 18 years at BGS Mr Harrison has worked as a spatial information specialist and as a geoscientist in the marine and coastal and natural hazard domains. In 2002 he was part of a team initiating BGS's flagship geohazard licensed dataset, GeoSure as lead developer. He has played a leading role in many other interdisciplinary projects in the UK and internationally thoughout his BGS career. He led the European Commission INSPIRE thematic working group on Natural Risk Zones. Matt co-chaired and initiated the cross-¬‐government Natural Hazards Partnership with an emphasis on providing products and services relating to natural hazards to Government and responder communities.

More recently, Matt is the interim director of the European Plate Observing System core service hub with a place on the project development board. In 2017-18 EPOS will be a flagship scientific Research Infrastructure for the European Commission.

François Robida — OneGeology data portal director

François Robida

Deputy Director – Infrastructures and Digital Services - BRGM the French Geological Survey

François is Deputy Director of Infrastructure and Digital Services Division at BRGM, the France's leading public institution involved in the Earth Science field for the sustainable management of natural resources and surface and subsurface risks. He is in charge of research and development and supervise European and international projects in the domain of information systems and infrastructures for geosciences and environment in general (such as OneGeology, EGDI, EPOS, GEOSS).

Prior to taking this position in BRGM, François Robida held different positions in the organization related to computer science applications to earth sciences. Following his first work in mining geostatistics, he was in charge of the design and development of software related to all aspects of geology, and especially to 3D modeling. He was then responsible for the BRGM software group, co-coordinating the development and marketing of software developed by BRGM.

As 'Terre Virtuelle' project leader since 2001 (Terre Virtuelle / Virtual Earth is a BRGM R&D corporate project to support the development of new services through the use of new technologies), François Robida has promoted and introduced interoperability, Grid computing and Virtual Reality technologies within BRGM. The project delivered in 2003 the first OGC compliant portal in France.

François is involved in development of interoperability at different levels, and member of the European Expert Group for INSPIRE during the preparation phase.

Chair of the Working Group on 'Geospatial information & INSPIRE' of the European Geological Surveys association (EuroGeoSurveys), Chair of the international Commission for the Management and Application of Geoscience Information (IUGS/CGI), Member of the Board of Directors of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC),Member of the GEO Data Sharing Working Group (GEO/DSWG), member of the High Level Expert Group on EOSC (European Open Science Cloud).

François has been the coordinator of BRGM contribution to the co-lead of the OneGeology initiative since its launch in Brighton. BRGM is providing hosting for the portal and develops and maintains the tools and software for the portal functionalities. Apart from serving french WMS and WFS, BRGM is also serving webservices for other countries as buddy

Tim Duffy — BGS OneGeology project manager and head of geoscience interoperability

Tim Duffy

Tim has been a technical lead for OneGeology since it was founded in 2007, head of the global web services support team and co-chair of the Technical Implementation Group 2007-2017. He will now focus his time on managing the project during a time of expansion and evolution — within tight budgets!

Virginia Hannah — OneGeology administration manager

Virginia Hannah

Virginia has worked at the BGS for 12.5 years starting as a Business Assistant and more recently Project Coordinator. She has been involved in OneGeology since 2014, managing the administration, communication and outreach, as well as supporting the OneGeology Board. Virginia also works on many EU H2020 Projects.

Lina Hannaford — OneGeology web developer

Lina Hannaford

Lina has worked at the BGS for 16 years as a database and web developer and, more recently, the web and publications editor. She has been involved in the OneGeology project since May 2018 and is responsible for maintaining the OneGeology website. Regular activities include uploading meeting agendas and minutes and keeping all the content up to date.

For all web and administration enquiries contact

Technical experts

OneGeology Portal

Agnès Tellez-Arenas

Agnès has a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from the University of Orléans, and works as Information technologies (IT) project manager at BRGM. She has been responsible for several Work Packages on European projects, including the OneGeology-Europe Project, and is an expert in WebGIS infrastructures. She is in charge of the technical implementation team of the OneGeology Portal.

Nicolas Mauroy

Nicolas graduated as a software engineer in 2012. After an internship in Minnesota, building iOS apps, he returned to France and started his career working on a connected vehicle project for a French car brand.

He has worked at BRGM since 2015, working on projects such as OneGeology, as well as a software engineer on several web applications and scientific platforms. He is also involved in international projects taking place in Africa.

Pascal Perrier

Pascal worked at the French Research Ministry Information System for nine years. He joined BRGM as software engineer in 2009. He is involved as web application developer in several European projects, such as OneGeology-Europe, eo2Heaven, minerals4EU, proSUM.


James Passmore — BGS GIS and WWW specialist

James Passmore

Spatial Data Infrastructure expert at BGS, lead author of the OneGeology WMS and WCS cookbooks, co-chair of the OneGeology Technical Working Group. Ready to help you configure your OneGeology services through the OneGeology helpdesk.

Marcus Sen — BGS senior scientific officer

Marcus Sen

Spatial Data Infrastructure expert at BGS, lead author of the OneGeology WFS cookbooks, special experience with Ontologies etc.. Ready to help you configure your OneGeology services through the OneGeology helpdesk.

Diego Diaz Doce — OneGeology technical support

Diego Diaz Doce

I have worked at the BGS for over 10 years as a GIS Analyst/Developer and have been involved in OneGeology since 2011. I assist OneGeology participants serving data to the portal.

For technical support contact