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Science users group (SUG)

The Science Users Group (SUG) comprises representatives of strategic user groups, global geoscience and related bodies.

OneGeology Science Users Group (SUG) terms of reference

  1. The primary goal of the OneGeology Science Users Group (SUG) will be to provide strategic scientific advice that is required to deliver the OneGeology Objectives and to ensure OneGeology is responsive and relevant to both its members and potential users.
  2. The OneGeology SUG shall consist of representatives of various users groups (i.e. Industry, NGO, UNESCO, IUGS, CGMW, other regional and international groups, including past OneGeology Executive Director and Steering Group Chair). Also renowned external scientists may be invited to join.
  3. Maximum number of OneGeology SUG members is nine.
  4. The OneGeology SUG will be chaired by OneGeology Managing Director.
  5. The SUG will develop a strategic scientific programme to be approved through the Managing Director to the Board.
  6. OneGeology Board will approve OneGeology SUG members based on the suggestion by OneGeology Managing Director.
  7. OneGeology Board will appoint its representative to the SUG.
  8. The OneGeology SUG will hold meetings at least annually.

The SUG members currently include:

CGMW CGMW: Commission for the Geological Map of the World
ISCGM ISCGM: International Steering Committee for Global Mapping
IUGS IUGS: International Union of Geological Sciences
UNESCO UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
OneGeology Board Representative Lee Allison

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