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OneGeology is governed by the Board and supported by the permanent administration provided by the Lead Parties. The Board is comprising Board Members representing geological survey organisations (both national and where appropriate state/provincial/territorial) from each of seven regions — Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America. In recognition of the substantial logistical and financial support provided in the past and continuing to be provided to OneGeology by the Lead Parties — BGS and BRGM, additional two Board Members are nominated from and by the Lead Parties. The Managing Director is automatically appointed a Board member by her/his position.

Each of the seven regions may nominate one person to hold office as a Board Member. The process of appointing that Board Member is the responsibility of each region, as is their duration of office, providing that duration is not less than 6 months. The regions may request OneGeology management to recommend and coordinate the appointment process for that region.

Each Board Member must accept responsibility to actively promote and participate in OneGeology and its governance and fully and fairly represent the region from which they are drawn. The time and expenses of Board Members are funded by their parent organisations.

The ten Board Members appoint a chair person from within their number and agree on the term and protocols which apply to the office of chair person. The Board develops a terms of reference (ToR) with assistance from the administration. The Board determines their operational and meeting procedures. Every Board Member has one vote at a Board meeting and may call a Board meeting or any other person as authorised by the Board ToR (or virtual meeting) at any time, subject to fourteen (14) day notice. A quorum is a minimum of majority of Board Members, dependent on their number. The chair person will hold a casting vote should a simple majority not be reached.

The Board works in close cooperation with the Science users group, the Operational Groups (currently Technical advisory group and Technical implementation group), and to External funding sources.

The Consortium, its Board, and management staff have the responsibility to further the Objectives of OneGeology. The Board and Consortium has the power to do anything within the law that may promote or may help to promote any or all of the Objectives, but nothing outside the Objectives.

Income from membership fees and other sources is to be used to supplement the administrative services and technical coordination functions supported at a core level by the Lead Parties. The Board may also choose to employ such staff as are necessary for carrying out the work of the Consortium, in particular ensuring the effective and efficient executive leadership of OneGeology (i.e. the Managing Director). The Board establishes the roles needed and select the personnel and their terms of employment. The costs of supplementing core services and functions and/or employing such personnel cannot exceed the resources made available to the Board through this Consortium Agreement.

The OneGeology Managing Director is a Board member by his/her function for the term, defined by the Consortium Members at the annual meeting. Managing Director cannot be nominated as the chairperson of the Board.

Financial and accounting arrangements of the Consortium are transparent to all Members and are audited annually by qualified individuals selected by the Board.

The members are as follows:

Region or Role Representative and affiliation Location
Oceania Dr James Johnson
Acting Chief Executive
Geoscience Australia
Africa Vacant  
Asia Dr Eikichi Tsukuda
Director General
Geological Survey of Japan
Europe Tomasz Nalecz
Deputy Director, Geoinformation
Polish Geological Institute - National Research Institute
South and Central America Dr Maria Glícia da Nóbrega Coutinho
Head of the International Affairs Office
CPRM — Geological Survey of Brazil
Rio De Janeiro
Canada and Northern America Dr Louise Laverdure,
Acting Director General
Central and Northern Canada Branch – Geological Survey of Canada
Eurasia Dr Oleg Petrov
Director General of VSEGEI
Russian Federation
St Petersburg
BGS Secretariat — finance and operations Matt Harrison
Director of Informatics
British Geological Survey
BRGM Secretariat — data portal Francois Robida
Deputy Director of Informatics
BRGM the French Geological Survey

OneGeology Board Terms of Reference

  1. The OneGeology Board is drawn from OneGeology Principal Members.
  2. The Board will appoint a Chair from within its members who will act as a single point of contact for the Group. The Chair serves for a term of two years and her/his position can be renewed.
  3. The responsibilities of the OneGeology Board are to represent, consult and report to OneGeology Consortium Members and to strategically direct the OneGeology.
  4. The OneGeology board is responsible for determining the operational structures necessary to deliver the Objectives defined in consortium agreement section 1.
  5. The Board will appoint a Managing Director.
  6. The Board will approve Terms of Reference for any working groups or committees it deems necessary to establish and will appoint their Chairs. Such committees will be chaired by Board members.
  7. The OneGeology Board is responsible for the financial viability of the Consortium and is authorised to establish membership fees and to seek other sources of funding in support.
  8. The Managing Director will report at least quarterly to the OneGeology Board.
  9. The Board will meet up to four times a year or as needed with at least one face-to-face meeting per year. The Board may invite observers to participate in its meetings.

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