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Previous international events

IYPE Planet Earth Lisbon Event 2009

Lisbon 2009Lisbon 2009

OneGeology was presented and had an exhibition stand at the IYPE Planet Earth event (PEL2009) in Lisbon, Portugal on 20 – 22 November 2009. The worldwide event was held to highlight the main results of the IYPE and to launch new initiatives building on the IYPE legacy.

IYPE presentation ceremonyDr Komac, Director of the Geological Survey of Slovenia, presented the progress and future plans or OneGeology. OneGeology was also highlighted in many other presentations and is a successful flagship project of the International Year of Planet Earth.

The OneGeology exhibition The successful PEL2009 brought together scientists, politicians and industrial leaders to celebrate the closing of the International Year of Planet Earth triennium (2007-2009), to evaluate the results of the IYPE and to look ahead. This forward look dominated the event and a new initiative, The Planet Earth Institute, was built on the legacy of the International Year of Planet Earth.

Ian Jackson speaking at the IGC

OneGeology at the 33rd International Geological Congress (IGC) in 2008

OneGeology had a big presence at the 33rd IGC in Oslo 6th – 14th August 2008. The main events were the official launch of OneGeology on 6th August and the Symposium on the 7th August.

OneGeology has come a long way since its humble beginnings and the kick-off workshop in Brighton, UK in March 2007.

A full programme of events and meetings took place throughout the course of the IGC. Some of the events are briefly reviewed below.

OneGeology News Briefing at the IGC

Wednesday 6th August 2008: 10:30
The Press conference was well attended by media from a variety of countries and was followed by numerous interviews, all of which resulted in huge worldwide publicity for OneGeology.

Official Launch of OneGeology at the IGC Opening Plenary

6th August 2008: 1600
The official launch took place in the impressive main plenary hall at the IGC and was attended by hundreds of delegates. The event was introduced by Arne Bjorlykke, President of the IUGS. The best-selling author of ‘the map that changed the world’, Simon Winchester, presented a compelling talk and formally launched the OneGeology Portal to the World.

OneGeology Open House

7th August 2008: 1200-1300
The Open House event was an informal opportunity to introduce the portal, to answer questions and to provide detailed information to IGC delegates.

Booth at the exhibition

6th – 14th August 2008
The exhibition booth ran for the whole length of the congress, generated lots of interest and welcomed many new countries. Information flyers in a range of languages were available and can also be downloaded from the downloads page.

OneGeology-Transparent Earth symposium WMA-02

7th August 0830-1100 & 1400-1730
This full-day symposium comprised a series of well-attended presentations and talks to discuss the scientific, informatics and operational aspects of OneGeology.

Technical group meeting

6th August: 0900 – 1200
The 3rd meeting of the Technical Working Group was held on 6th August 2008 at the IGC venue in Oslo. The group met to ensure continued technical progress, prepare for events at the IGC and consider potential queries and plan for the future.

Steering Group meeting

12th August: 1400 – 1800
Due to the success of OneGeology and discussions between directors before and during the IGC the original Steering Group meeting had been broadened in scope and attendance. The meeting was highly successful and all Directors present unanimously endorsed and supported the continuation of OneGeology.

Operational Management group meeting

13th August: 1400 – 1800
The 3rd meeting of the Operational Management Group was held on the 13th August at the IGC, Oslo. The Group met at the end of the conference to ensure that decisions and actions resulting from all OneGeology IGC events are captured and where necessary acted on.

International Year of Planet Earth Global, UNESCO, Paris, 12th and 13th February 2008

OneGeology was given centre stage at the Global Launch Event of IYPE in Paris. The event attracted international dignitaries, ambassadors and senior scientists from around the world and OneGeology was included in the speeches of many of these, including the Director General of UNESCO. We had a OneGeology booth there which attracted much interest and helped in our mission to raise awareness around the world. As a result participation in OneGeology continues to grow. OneGeology was always in demand and a several TV interviews were given, including one on Italian national TV.

Ian, Katy and Kathryn Ian and news crew