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Media and publicity

Publicity for OneGeology - Post Portal Launch August 2008

August statistics for

  • 306 657 visits (an average of 10 000 visitors per day)
  • 29 120 335 hits

August statistics for

  • Journalists emailed: 10 000+ globally
  • Media articles online: 737
  • OneGeology website: 5.9M hits
  • You Tube OneGeology's channel: 31,085 views of portal video
  • In August Google pages referencing OneGeology increased from 10 000 to a high of 220 000.
  • Potential audience (online only) 107M*

*Nelson Media Research

OneGeology media Hits

Amongst many others, OneGeology appeared in the following high profile newspapers and media outputs around the world:

  • (Ger)
  • Welt (Ger)
  • El Mundo (Spa)
  • Publico (Spa)
  • La Stampa (It)
  • La Repubblica (It)
  • Daily Mail (UK)
  • Daily Mirror (UK)
  • Mail on Sunday (UK)
  • Malaysia Sun (Mal)
  • Sina China (Chi)
  • Actualites en Temps reel (Fr)
  • BBC news, online and freeview (UK)
  • Futura Sciences (Fr)
  • Guardian Unlimited (UK)
  • Nature News (UK)
  • Red Orbit (US)
  • Science Daily (US)
  • Speigel (Ger)
  • Telegraph online (UK)
  • Topix (US)
  • www.ArsTechnica (US)
  • (Ger)

All media and publicity enquiries should be directed to

Publicity post-Brighton March 2007
  • If you are a participating nation who has been approached by the media please contact the secretariat to assist you in responding to these requests.
  • OneGeology has gained enormous support and enthusiasm across the world and continues to grow. Media interest has also been very enthusiastic, here are just a few examples of articles that have been published.


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